About Sharrow Dental Practice, Chelmesford Essex

We are very proud that our patients stay with us for the long term and often recommend us to their friends and family. Some of our patients who had some of our very first appointments are still patients with us today.

One of the factors of our success is our commitment to learning. To ensure that we can offer our patients the very best in dental treatments, our team train regularly to update their skills.

We also want your dental visit to be as stress free as possible, which is why we go to great lengths to make sure you fully understand any treatment undertaken.

Dentists recognise our expertise and send thier patients to use for our opnion

We welcome referrals from local dental practices for all of our services including Emergency Dentist, Essex services and pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have built with our referring dentists.

Providing best in care

When we see you on a regular basis we can keep you mouth in great condition, we can check for potential problems, we are able to spot wear and tear, gum disease and even regularly check for oral cancer. This enables us to treat you effectively, saving you unnecessary time and expense and, in the case of oral cancer, potentially saving your life.

Your complete oral health matters to us

Our hygienists are an important part of our practice and in your oral hygiene and overall dental care. They will professionally clean your teeth, remove plaque which is a layer of bacteria that forms on teeth and can cause gum irritation which can lead to gum disease. Your teeth will be polished, leaving them feeling smooth and clean.


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